PIBBS.CHAT - Times News for Pi


Pioneers freely publish interesting content and establish their own exclusive circles. Many novel functions will create a web3.0 community ecology where a hundred flowers bloom. The goal of PIBBS.CHAT is to build the most popular pi community in the world, and at the same time help pi pioneers and traffic big V, knowledge bloggers, Internet celebrities, knowledge payment ecology and mobile Internet entrepreneurs to more easily complete user accumulation and conversion payment , making it a leading private domain traffic management tool on the entire network. Through these powerful functions, Pi Pioneers can pay attention to each other and get acquainted with each other, which can help Pi Pioneers entrepreneurs to launch pi paid content products more efficiently, so that valuable information can be shared and disseminated efficiently and accurately , making knowledge payment and traffic economy easier and faster, and the user experience of the Web3.0 community provides a more reliable way of information connection and knowledge dissemination. PIBBS.CHAT全球先锋们专属社交论坛,人人都可以创建自己的贴吧圈子,发布图文贴/短视频/pi打赏/pi付费置顶贴/pi抢红包/pi知识付费可见贴。 先锋们自由发布有趣的内容,建立自己的专属圈子,众多新颖的功能将打造一个百花齐放的web3.0社区生态。 PIBBS.CHAT目标是打造全球最强人气pi社区,同时帮助pi先锋和流量大V、知识博主、网红、知识付费生态和移动互联网的创业者们,可以更轻易的完成用户沉淀和转化付费,打造成全网领先的私域流量经营工具。 Pi先锋们通过这些强大的功能,人与人之间能够互相关注和社交相识,更能帮助pi先锋创业者们更高效地上线pi付费内容产品,让有价值的信息能高效准确地分享与传播,让知识付费和流量经济能更加简单快捷,Web3.0社区的用户体验,提供一种更可靠的信息连接与知识传播的方式。