China is about to usher in KYC update

China is about to usher in KYC update

@mstor May 10 2023

With the development of Pi Network, KYC (Know Your Customer) verification is becoming more and more important for pioneers in China. The Pi core team has been working on this issue, and they've made very good progress recently.

It is understood that Pi Network's KYC verification system will undergo an update before the end of May to satisfy a large number of Chinese pioneers to complete KYC verification. This is very good news, because the number of Pi Network users in China is increasing rapidly, so KYC verification has become especially important.

KYC verification refers to checking the user's identity information and materials to ensure that the user complies with relevant laws and regulations. For most companies in the financial and digital currency fields, KYC verification is a must. In the field of digital currency, KYC verification can help prevent illegal activities such as money laundering and terrorist financing. In Pi Network, completing KYC verification can also improve user trust and security.

KYC deployment for China has always been the top priority of the Pi core team. At present, the number of Pi Network Pioneers in China has exceeded 2 million, which is a very large number. However, since the regulations and regulations in China are different from other countries, the KYC verification system needs to be updated and improved accordingly.

It is reported that the Pi core team is working with local partners in China to develop a new KYC verification system to meet the needs of the Chinese region. This new KYC system will be more efficient and secure to ensure the privacy and data security of Pioneers.

This progress is very good news for pioneers in China. With the popularity and promotion of Pi Network in China, more and more people began to join the Pi Network ecosystem. Completing KYC verification is a necessary step to join Pi Network, and it is also an important measure to ensure the security of pioneer accounts.

At the same time, the Pi core team has been working hard to improve the security and stability of the ecosystem. They actively cooperate with government agencies in various countries to comply with local regulations and regulations to ensure the legality and credibility of Pi Network.

In general, the KYC deployment for China has made very good progress. The Pi core team will continue to work on improving the security and stability of the Pi Network ecosystem and provide better services to global pioneers.

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