The Pi payment interface and mainnet list are updated

The Pi payment interface and mainnet list are updated

@mstor May 11 2023

Yesterday, Pi Network ushered in some important updates, the most notable of which is the multi-language automatic switching function of the Pi payment interface and the main network list. These new features not only bring a better user experience to global users, but also imply that Pi is moving towards the main network step by step.

As a decentralized digital currency network, Pi Network has been constantly improving and updating its technology and functions to better serve the majority of users. With the continuous development of Pi Network, its core team is also constantly investing energy and resources to push Pi Network towards the goal of the main network.

Recently, Pi Network has upgraded and improved the payment interface and mainnet list. The first is the update of the Pi payment interface, which can now automatically convert multiple languages, allowing more users to use this function conveniently. Whether it is English, Chinese, French, Spanish or other languages, users only need to select the language they want in the settings, and it will automatically switch to the corresponding language interface, making users more comfortable and convenient to use.

At the same time, the Pi mainnet list is also updated to automatically switch between multiple languages. This means that whether on the Pi Network mainnet or in the wallet, users can see interfaces and content that support multiple languages, making it easier for users to understand and master the latest developments and development trends of Pi Network.

These updates and improvements imply that Pi Network is moving towards a more mature and complete direction. Through continuous improvement and updating, Pi Network can better meet the needs of users and provide more secure, reliable and efficient services. At the same time, this is also a sign that Pi Network is constantly moving forward in the process of moving towards the main network.

In addition to these updates and improvements, Pi Network is constantly launching new features and services, such as Pi Browser and Pi Marketplace, etc. Through these new functions and services, users can better understand and use Pi Network, and at the same time actively participate in the construction and development of Pi Network.

In general, Pi Network's continuous updates and improvements, as well as its efforts towards the mainnet, reflect the confidence and determination of its core team for the future development of the digital currency network. As Pi Network continues to grow, we believe it will become a dark horse in the future digital currency field, bringing more secure, reliable and efficient digital currency services to global users.

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