When exactly will Pi open the mainnet?

When exactly will Pi open the mainnet?

@mstor May 11 2023

Pi Network is a decentralized application based on mobile devices, which aims to provide users with safe, fast and low-cost digital currency transfer and transaction services, and is currently attracting more and more users and investors around the world . Pi network has become a dark horse in the blockchain industry, attracting much attention and expectations, and Pi officially announced recently that it is recruiting a large number of technical talents to solve KYC problems in some areas and build an ecological application environment. This move also makes Pi’s future prospects more predictable.

Recently, Pi Network released a recruitment announcement, announcing that it is looking for technical talents to provide support for the development of Pi Network. It is reported that the technical personnel recruited by Pi Network are mainly responsible for solving the KYC problem in China and promoting the construction of the ecological application environment, so as to complete the KYC verification as soon as possible and prepare for the opening of the main network of Pi. With the continuous development of the Pi network, officials have also realized the importance of solving regional problems. In order to better meet the needs of users, the Pi team decided to strengthen recruitment technically, improve technical capabilities, and provide users with better services.

It is understood that Pi Network is now facing some KYC verification problems, especially in China. The Pi core team is also actively solving this problem, improving the quality and efficiency of the KYC verification system to satisfy a large number of Chinese pioneers to complete KYC verification and provide support for the realization of the mainnet goal. At the same time, Pi officials are also constantly optimizing the ecological environment to attract more ecological applications to join, which will help Pi Network become a more global digital currency ecosystem.

According to Pi's official plan, once KYC passes 80% and the ecological environment is mature, then Pi will open the mainnet, which will not exceed the end of this year. Before that, the Pi team will continue to promote technology upgrades and recruitment, laying a solid foundation for future development. At the same time, Pi officials are constantly updating and improving the Pi network to provide users with more and better services. Recently, the Pi payment interface and the list of the mainnet have been updated with the function of automatically converting multiple languages, which means that Pi is moving towards the mainnet step by step.

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