Pi Network successfully passed the comprehensive security audit with a score of 68.11

Pi Network successfully passed the comprehensive security audit with a score of 68.11

@mstor May 18 2023

Pi Network recently announced that it has successfully completed a comprehensive security audit conducted by Cerick, a well-known security audit institution. The audit score was 68.11, adding a solid guarantee to the security and credibility of Pi Network.

Security audits have always been an integral part of blockchain projects, enabling the assessment and verification of a project's security, reliability, and vulnerability. As a professional blockchain security audit organization, Cerick has rich experience and a professional team, and is well-known in the industry for its rigorous attitude and comprehensive audit process.

In this security audit, Cerick conducted an in-depth inspection and evaluation of Pi Network's core system, smart contracts, and network security. They comprehensively evaluated the security of Pi Network through code review, vulnerability mining and simulated attack testing.

The audit results showed that Pi Network performed well in terms of security and received a score of 68.11. This achievement not only reflects the rigorous attitude and professional level of the Pi Network team in the development process, but also proves the effectiveness and reliability of the Pi Network's system architecture and security mechanism.

Pi Network's successful passing of the security audit means that its system has a high degree of credibility in protecting user assets and preventing potential risks. This is gratifying news for Pi Network users, who can participate in Pi Network's ecological construction and digital asset management with more confidence.

In addition, the loopholes and problems that Pi Network may find in the security audit will also become an important reference for improvement and perfection. Through the analysis and summary of the audit results, the Pi Network team will further strengthen the security of the system and continuously improve the user experience and trust.

As a global decentralized network, Pi Network is committed to providing users with a safe and decentralized digital asset management and trading environment. By successfully completing Cerick's security audit, Pi Network has once again demonstrated its high level of concern and commitment to user privacy and asset security.

In the future, Pi Network will continue to strengthen security efforts and cooperate with more security audit institutions to provide users with more secure and reliable services and environments. It is believed that with the continuous development of Pi Network, its performance in terms of security and credibility will continue to be recognized and appreciated by the industry.


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