Pi network May 24, 2023 Project construction progress and news

Pi network May 24, 2023 Project construction progress and news

@mstor May 24 2023
  1. Pi Network Wallet Update: Preparing for Mainnet Launch

In preparation for the launch of the Pi Network Mainnet, the wallet has undergone a significant update. The latest update includes the addition of a developer application wallet unlock feature, allowing users with an ecosystem wallet to access it. Moreover, the wallet interface has been designed with simplified Chinese language support, making it more convenient for early adopters in the Chinese community to navigate and operate.

2. Data Update: Stability and Expansion in Pioneer Coverage

Various data indicators within the Pi Network ecosystem are showing signs of stability, with a positive impact on early adopters. Let's take a look at the latest statistics:

Testnet Data:
Compared to the data reported last week, the number of active nodes on the testnet has increased by nearly 3,000, resulting in a corresponding growth in the total number of nodes. This level of growth falls within the normal range and indicates a steady progress in the testnet phase.

Mainnet Data:
Over the past week, the mainnet has witnessed the creation of 50,000 new addresses and the mapping of 30 million Pi coins. These figures align with the expected growth rate and reflect a healthy expansion. Although the creation trend of 120,000 addresses from the previous week has not continued, the current pace of address creation suggests that the mapping process is gradually gaining momentum. The average mapping quantity per address is around five to six hundred, indicating a gradual increase in the proportion of initial mappers, which highlights the expanding coverage of early adopters.

3. Mainnet Progress: Steady Growth and Advancing Pioneer Coverage

The mainnet development continues its positive trajectory, with the creation of 50,000 addresses and the successful mapping of 30 million Pi coins. These figures are within the expected range and demonstrate the steady growth of the network. While the pace of address creation has slightly slowed down compared to the previous week, it is important to note that the ongoing mapping process is gradually expanding, with each address contributing to the increasing coverage of early adopters. This trend emphasizes the commitment and participation of the Pi community as it progresses towards broader adoption.

By combining these three segments, we can provide a comprehensive overview of the recent updates in Pi Network, highlighting the wallet's preparation for the mainnet launch, the stability of testnet and mainnet data, as well as the expanding coverage of early adopters.

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