Pi App updates a new hackathon schedule, what is the purpose of the Pi core team launching such activities frequently?

Pi App updates a new hackathon schedule, what is the purpose of the Pi core team launching such activities frequently?

@mstor Jun 10 2023

Explore and innovate, create the future together! The Pi app home page is updated with a new hackathon schedule. Why does the Pi core team launch hackathon activities frequently? There are important purposes and meanings behind these activities. Let us unveil them together.

First, one of the purposes of these hackathons is to foster technological innovation. Through these events, the Pi core team encourages participants to showcase their technical capabilities and innovative thinking. Participants can use their imagination to develop various innovative applications, tools or solutions by utilizing the characteristics and advantages of Pi Network. This will not only help promote the development of the Pi network, but also bring users a richer and more convenient experience.

Second, the hackathon event is also for collecting feedback and improving. The Pi core team values the opinions and suggestions of every community member, so they provide this open platform and invite developers and technical experts from around the world to participate. Through participants' feedback and proposed solutions, the core team can gain valuable input and insights. These feedbacks will help improve the functionality and performance of the Pi network, enhance user experience, and make Pi a better decentralized network.

Third, these events also encourage community engagement and motivation. As Pi Network Pioneers, your voice and actions matter. By participating in hackathons, you can showcase your skills and enthusiasm, and collaborate with other community members to advance the development of the Pi Network. This kind of community participation can strengthen the cohesion and activity of the community, form benign cooperation and collaboration, and make the Pi network flourish.

Finally, hackathons are also a stage for exploring new application scenarios. The Pi network has broad development space and potential, and these activities are precisely to explore the application fields and possibilities of the Pi network. Participants can use the characteristics of the Pi network to create various interesting and useful applications, expand the boundaries of the Pi network, and allow more people to benefit from this innovative cryptocurrency network.

All in all, the purpose of frequent hackathon activities launched by the Pi core team is to explore innovation and create the future together. These events spark creativity and enthusiasm among participants, gather valuable feedback and strengthen community

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