Abandon prejudice: the realization of Pi Network vision is not empty talk

Abandon prejudice: the realization of Pi Network vision is not empty talk

@mstor Jun 10 2023

As time went by, more and more pioneers couldn't hold back. They even think that the project party is procrastinating year after year, and the promised vision and goals cannot be realized at all. Is the truth really like this?

With the development of blockchain technology, many cryptocurrency projects have sprung up, many of which only seek to gain benefits on exchanges. However, Pi Network has won the attention and trust of many people with its different attitude and practical approach. Of course, there are some people who don't believe it. Although Pi Network has not launched the main network so far, the core team has a down-to-earth attitude, sticks to the original intention, and continues to work hard for the success of the project.

First of all, the success of Pi Network is not only defined as the launch of the main network and the listing of exchanges. Compared with other token projects that pursue short-term interests, Pi Network focuses on the sustainable development of the project and the real user value. They focus on building a trustworthy and sustainable decentralized network that brings more opportunities and autonomy to ordinary people. The persistence of this concept distinguishes Pi Network from other projects, making it more focused on the healthy development of technology and ecology.

Secondly, the core team of Pi Network treats the development of the project with a pragmatic attitude. They are well aware of the complexity of blockchain technology and the challenges in the development process. The long-term development and testing phase of Pi Network is not to do nothing, but to solve technical problems and ensure the stability and security of the project. They demonstrated their responsibility and commitment to the project with their actions, not rashly.

In addition, Pi Network focuses on user participation and co-construction. By introducing community members to participate in mining and promotion, Pi Network encourages users to actively participate in the project and jointly build a large and powerful community. This mode of participation makes the project more democratic and decentralized, and gives users more sovereignty and voice.

Although Pi Network has not launched the main network so far, this does not mean that the project will not be successful. On the contrary, the down-to-earth style of work of the core team of Pi Network makes them pay more attention to the quality of the project and the value of users, rather than just chasing short-term interests. They are committed to building a reliable and sustainable decentralized network, and grow together with users.

As Dr. Nicolsa said: We are making an industry-changing change, and every pioneer will achieve great things. But it takes time and everyone's persistence and hard work. Therefore, don't impose your own ideas and cognition on the current status of Pi network. We should also see that Pi Network is distinguished from many projects with its down-to-earth attitude and pursuit of true success. They pay attention to the development of technology and the value of users, and pay attention to the long-term sustainable development of the project.

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