The HavePi community launched a unique NFT work - Pi Bull NFT, witnessing the brilliance and future of the Pi network

The HavePi community launched a unique NFT work - Pi Bull NFT, witnessing the brilliance and future of the Pi network

@mstor Jun 19 2023

Recently, the world-renowned Pi community, Have Pi Community, announced that it will launch a "Pi Bull NFT" to express its recognition and testimony of the development potential of Pi Network. According to the community, Pi Bull NFT is a completely independent hand-painted work, which carries the brand and concept of Pi Network in a unique digital art way, represents the exploration and pursuit of the future, and records the glorious history and infinite prospects of Pi Network.The Have Pi community is one of the top communities in the world. Its core members are composed of pioneers with global influence, and it has more than one million community members from more than 230 countries. According to the person in charge of the community, the Have Pi community takes promoting the ecological construction of Pi Network as its main task, and works closely with many communities around the world to jointly explore the development prospects and innovative applications of Pi Network, in order to promote Pi Network to become the most potential encryption Currency efforts.Regarding why the Pi Bull NFT was issued, the head of the Have Pi community said:

1. Commemorating milestones
The release of Pi Bull NFT is to commemorate the hardships and progress that Pi Network has experienced along the way. It symbolizes an important milestone in the development of the Pi network, and represents respect for the pioneers and affirmation of their contributions in ecological construction.
2. Rewards and Incentives
The issuance of Pi Bull NFT is a reward and incentive mechanism that gives special honor and rewards to those pioneers who recognize Pi Network and actively participate in ecological construction. Not only do they represent achievement and honor, but they also offer unique value and earning opportunities.
3. Community Cohesion
Use the issuance of Pi Bull NFT to gather more pioneers from all over the world, so that they can work together on the ecological construction of the Pi network. The issuance of Pi Bull NFT will further consolidate the cohesion and sense of belonging of the community and inspire more people to participate.
4. Promotion and influence
The release of Pi Bull NFT is also to promote the influence of Pi Network. By introducing Pi Bull NFT to more people, let more people understand and participate in the ecological construction of Pi Network, and further expand the influence and user base of Pi Network.

In the information introduction of this community, we found that this NFT is divided into 5 series, with a global limited edition of 10,000 copies. In addition to being able to forge exquisite NFTs, pioneers who own Pi Bull NFTs will also receive all the benefits of the club's ecological dividends, free online and offline activities, and the community's DAO governance and voting rights.

Regarding the NFT issuance of the HavePi community, the Have Pi community also stated that the launch of Pi Bull NFT is an expression of support and confidence for Pi Network, and it is also to encourage more people to participate in the construction of Pi Network ecology. They believe that Pi Network, as a unique cryptocurrency and social platform, will lead the future development trend and bring more opportunities and benefits to users.

We also look forward to the smooth holding of this event. News on more releases. Interested pioneers can get more from the following ways.



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