The PiDAOClub ecological application has successfully applied for the main network interface! Pi is about to set sail

The PiDAOClub ecological application has successfully applied for the main network interface! Pi is about to set sail

@mstor Jun 24 2023

Recently, the news of the head of @PiDAOClub has attracted widespread attention. According to them, their ecological application has successfully completed the application for the main network interface, and has submitted the Pi main network wallet. Through this news, it is not hard to see that Pi Network is taking a crucial step towards achieving its ambitious goals.

The successful application of the main network interface means that the independent blockchain network of Pi Network has been formed and no longer depends on the Pi app. This will bring greater autonomy and plasticity to Pi Network, enabling it to better meet the needs of users and promote the development of its ecosystem.

Second, the submission of the pre-mainnet wallet shows that Pi Network is actively preparing for the official launch of the mainnet. Once the mainnet is launched, users will be able to experience more exciting opportunities and experiences. From transactions to storage, from smart contracts to decentralized applications, Pi Network will provide users with more functions and services and contribute to the development of the encrypted world.

Regarding the release of the main network of Pi Network, we believe that it will not take long. Once turned on, it will open a whole new encrypted world for all pioneers. As users and supporters of Pi Network, we should remain patient and expectant, and pay attention to the latest developments and announcements of the Pi Network team in a timely manner. They will provide us with more information and guidance on the mainnet launch, helping us better adapt and utilize the new functions and features of Pi Network.

With the advancement of the Pi Network mainnet work, we are about to enter a new era of encryption. This era will be based on the principles of decentralization, security, transparency and inclusiveness, providing equal opportunities and rights for every participant. We will witness the great achievements of Pi Network on the way to achieve its ambitious goals, as well as the changes and innovations it has brought us.

Let us look forward to the arrival of the Pi Network mainnet, and believe it will bring us more surprises and opportunities. Join the ranks of Pi Network, become part of this emerging crypto world, and jointly explore and shape the future crypto economy. Let us move towards the new journey of the Pi Network mainnet and start a more open, free and prosperous digital age!

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