Huobi debuts in TOKEN2049: Upgrading international brand to HTX, accelerating global strategic layout

Huobi debuts in TOKEN2049: Upgrading international brand to HTX, accelerating global strategic layout

@pb2023 Sep 15 2023

On September 13, Asia’s top encryption event TOKEN2049 opened in Singapore. Huobi HTX was invited to attend the summit as a platinum sponsor, and joined forces with TRON and leading companies in the Web3 field to co-organize Enjin, SINOHOPE, Meta Era and Alibaba Cloud, DWF Labs, Fireblocks, TokenInsight and other event partners, at the largest Club in Singapore A grand Afterparty was held. Justin Sun, founder of Tron and member of Huobi Global Advisory Board, attended and announced Huobi HTX brand upgrade and tenth anniversary activities and other related matters.

In addition, Huobi HTX invited guests from many important institutions and projects inside and outside the industry, including heads of leading ecology, star projects and funds such as Animoca Brands, Lido, Circle, CertiK, Pantera Capital, Polygon, and Bloomberg, CoinDesk, WSJ, CNBC , Cointelegraph and other well-known media jointly witnessed the milestone moment of Huobi HTX.

Huobi officially upgraded to Huobi HTX

At the event, Justin Sun announced, “The Huobi International brand has been officially upgraded to HTX.”

Judging from the individual letters, "H" represents Huobi's H, "T" represents TRON, which indicates the determination of All in TRON, and "X" represents the exchange business. Judging from the letter combination, the HT combination is also the name of the Huobi HTX platform token, and HTX can also be understood as the exchange that trades HT. In addition, the X representing 10 in Roman numerals means the ten years of ups and downs that Huobi HTX has gone through, paying tribute to the tenth anniversary of the establishment of Huobi HTX. It also means that through the collaborative ecological approach of Huobi HTX, TRON, and Poloniex, they will work together to develop and jointly write a new chapter in the encryption industry, thereby detonating the unlimited future of "X" and a broader ecosystem.

Behind this brand upgrade is the new identity of the new era of encryption created by Huobi HTX - the listing of digital assets on Huobi. Huobi HTX will take "building the Yuanverse Financial Freeport" as its new mission, and launch a strategic layout of "global expansion, ecological prosperity, wealth effects, and safety and compliance" under the vision of "enabling eight billion people around the world to achieve financial freedom."

It is reported that Huobi HTX is focusing on key areas, deploying more countries and regions with encryption potential, and achieving balanced growth in multiple countries. At the same time, we closely follow the dynamics of the crypto market and build a diversified business structure around the core of expanding scale and profits, including PrimeVote, large current financial management, shark fins, etc. In addition, Huobi HTX will reach in-depth strategic cooperation with TRON public chain, BitTorrent Chain cross-chain, TUSD stablecoin, etc., and on this basis, expand more project parties, public chains, stablecoins and other partners to jointly create Multi-level business ecosystem.

It is worth mentioning that Huobi HTX will pay more attention to creating a wealth effect, select global high-quality new assets, emphasize both quality and speed of listing new assets, and give the right to list coins to the community. According to Sun Yuchen's on-site introduction, with this rebranding, Huobi HTX's asset development will enter a new stage. It will deploy new assets across the entire ecosystem, select global high-quality and popular assets, and launch all-stars with traffic, popularity, and topics. projects, and deepen cooperation with mainstream ecology, including but not limited to public chain ecology, Layer2 ecology, Meme ecology, etc. At the same time, we continue to iterate core asset products such as PriveVote and PrimePool to return voting rights to every user in the community.

In addition, Huobi HTX attempts to reduce the impact of centralized trading products on users, build an image of asset security, and promote the continued development of decentralization. These include global distributed custody of user assets, 7*24-hour global team/service distribution, and are not affected by any single point of failure, policies or personnel of a single country or region; Merkel tree asset certification data is regularly updated to always maintain over 100% Reserve funds; there are risk reserves and liquidity funds to protect the safety of user assets and pay compensation at any time.

The 10th anniversary of the mysterious “X Prize” airdropped on Huobi HTX

In the development of the crypto market for more than ten years, the cryptocurrency exchange Huobi HTX has left an indelible mark.

In the ten years from 2013 to 2023, Huobi HTX actively responded to various challenges and achieved fruitful results. As of August 31, 2023, Huobi HTX has 44 million registered users, 9 million+ trading users, 31 trillion+ USDT cumulative trading volume, 60 billion+ USDT in history, and 3 million monthly active users in history. +, and has maintained the best safety record in the industry with 100% availability and no safety incidents for ten years.

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary and brand upgrade and renewal, Huobi HTX presents the "X Prize" mysterious gift to express gratitude to users.

At the event, Sun Yuchen announced that the Mars Project 10th Anniversary Special Edition and the Mars Project Phase 3 event were officially launched at 20:00 on September 13, and the lucky user in this issue was the winner of the X Prize. It is reported that the X Prize includes a spaceship ticket worth US$6 million (which can be obtained by becoming a space candidate), one round-trip use of a private jet, and a refreshed version of Tesla Model 3 (equivalent to 20,000 USDT + 20,000 USDT Contract experience fee). Participating users need to complete the designated tasks before 23:59 on October 3, and complete the space NFT Mint before 23:59 on October 8. Huobi HTX will conduct a live broadcast at 20:00 on October 11 to draw the lucky users of this issue.

It is worth mentioning that in each subsequent phase of the Mars Project, lucky users will receive an additional round-trip use of a top-notch private jet. At the same time, every time a participating user successfully mints an NFT, they will also get a chance to draw surprise rewards such as contract experience funds, handling fee cashback coupons, Prime experience cards, Prime upgrade cards, financial management interest rate coupons, etc.

In addition, Huobi HTX’s spot, contract, financial management and other business sections will launch the “10th Anniversary Special Event”, and users can participate in the event to share generous rewards.

At the end of the event, Sun Yuchen said, “With the resonance of business model innovation and product maturity, and application narrative innovation, we have ushered in the next big cycle opportunity. Huobi HTX will once again prove itself. In the next decade, Huobi HTX is not limited to blockchain and digital currency, but is building a Web3.0 financial free port to build a bridge to the decentralized world for users and open up a decentralized future."

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