Announcing Pi Network’s Product Roadmap: A Look Behind and a Path Forward

Announcing Pi Network’s Product Roadmap: A Look Behind and a Path Forward

@pb2023 Oct 10 2023

The Pi Core Team will release a milestone-based roadmap for various Pi Network products and programs that will be deployed in two versions. Crafted to provide Pioneers with more transparency overall, this roadmap will comprise a curated list of past accomplishments, ongoing projects, and future endeavors. While the roadmap will not present a timeline for the Open Mainnet, it will lay out some concrete pivotal milestones leading up to the Open Mainnet (refer to the December 2021 Whitepaper for more information).

Roadmap Release Plan

Version 1: Releasing in mid to late October

The first version of the roadmap will cover two main components: the past and current milestones of various Pi products and projects. Scheduled for an October release, this initial version will focus on relaying the work that has already been accomplished and what we’re currently focused on. It serves as a transparent look into where we’ve come from and where we are headed, at least in the short term.

Version 2: Releasing in December

We will then take community feedback and roll out Version 2 in December where we’ll expand the roadmap to include the future milestones for each product and program. This will offer a comprehensive view of Pi Network’s plans in the current Enclosed Network period of Mainnet. This second version will elaborate on the upcoming features, requirements, upgrades, and other initiatives that the network needs to carry out before entering the Open Network period.

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