Announcing the August #PiHackathon Winner: RadioForUs!

Announcing the August #PiHackathon Winner: RadioForUs!

@pb2023 Oct 14 2023

Congratulations to the August winner of the ongoing #PiHackathon and a 10,000 Pi* prize: RadioForUs! This app integrates the Pi cryptocurrency and provides Pioneers with 24/7 access to stream music from a wide range of options including Top 40 hits, Latin American, Korean, 80’s and 90’s, Reggae beats, and everything in between.

Why We Chose RadioForUs

RadioforUs is an entertainment app that allows Pioneers to listen to their favorite music genres or discover new music from all around the world. This app is currently a work in progress, particularly with regard to its user experience. Nonetheless, it stood out among other hackathon submissions for its clear use case as a music player and integration of the Pi cryptocurrency into the core mechanics of its app. While some music channels are available to users free of charge, others require Pi payments to unlock access.

A diverse set of apps and use cases is what makes a strong decentralized application ecosystem, and we are happy to celebrate this music and entertainment app becoming available to our community on the Pi platform. To check out other #PiHackathon submissions, visit the Pi Brainstorm app on the Pi Browser and see many more ideas coming from this creative community!

Join us!

If you haven’t been able to participate yet, don’t worry. The ongoing #PiHackathon isn’t stopping anytime soon, so you can submit your project on the Pi Brainstorm app for a chance to win the October hackathon. Visit the #PiHackathon page to learn how to get started and be a part of the Pi Network’s vibrant developer community.

Stay tuned for more updates, inspiring projects, and future winners in our Pi Network community.

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