The Pi Ecosystem like no other, know these!

The Pi Ecosystem like no other, know these!

@peerexo20 Oct 24 2023

Some people or if I may say some pioneers is looking at the pictures of Bitcoin, exchanges and price.

Meanwhile the Pi CoreTeam is looking at the pictures of replacing App Store/Play Store. Apple wallet/Play wallet.

Replacing the slow international financial settlement called SWIFT code.

Pi Network project is not here because there’s no already existing international Remittances, consisting traditional banks and cryptocurrencies. If Pi Network cannot show any unique difference then there’s no need building another coin that can’t change anything from the existing ones.

If Pi Network fails to build an alternative economy or ecosystem, we’ll be at the mercy of the existing establishments.

Building blockchains to rush launch on the exchanges is as good as building nothing, this is why we have thousands of coins and yet has never arrived to the dreamed Web-3.0

Exchanges is necessary but has to be the last, people go to exchanges for the exchange of value, if you don’t create or build value, how could people come to you valueless? This is why Pi Network needs to build a strong and robust ecosystem of Apps using Pi coins. When we demonstrate the true value of Pi, by utilizing our ecosystem apps to solve our daily needs, and most importantly making international remittances easy for both the poor and the rich across the countries, solving problems that the existing establishments cannot solve then, people could see the value and reasons to demand for Pi so as to participate in the valued ecosystem we’ve already built. Now the exchanges will come to play! I want you to know that the current existing traditional applications is all old establishments and we call them Web 2.0

Now what is Web 3.0?

Web 3 is when you have a functioning decentralized Social applications, Game applications, Mall applications, Hospital Applications etc…automatically accepting Pi payments just as Apple wallet and Play wallet. When all these applications is functional in the Pi ecosystem, then we’ve truly arrived at Web 3, but when we don’t have them all as an alternative; we’re still at the mercy of Web 2 applications to join us without any efforts for an alternative.

Have you imagined maybe a new phone production company using Pi Technology as their mother Operating system, that phone would be considered a web 3 phone because the native payments will be in Pi and such phones will sell in billions and that will mark the true permanent stay of Web 3 forever. Hold your pi tight because of its great potentials. let’s build this alternative platform for the betterment of all of us and the world. Don’t be in a rush. Forget the old order, let’s build the new world.

✍️ Peerexo

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