Money-Time Balance - How will we decide the price of Pi Coins?

Money-Time Balance - How will we decide the price of Pi Coins?

@Mstkck90 Dec 9 2023

We are currently at the first PiFest event in history.But, how do we decide how many goods and services we can buy for 1 Pi Coin?

So how will the buyer and seller agree on the price of 1 Pi Coin?  In this regard, we can benefit from Pi Blockchain as follows.  Time.  Time is the most valuable thing in our lives.  

No matter who you are, on Pi Blockchain you are equal to everyone else and have the basic mining speed.  So no matter who you are, you have to wait.  

So let's say you need to mine for 1 month to earn 1 Pi Coin.  What would you give 1 month of your life for?  So what o mean is, how many days of our life should we sacrifice for, say, 1 loaf of bread?  Or how many days of our lives is it reasonable to spend on buying movie tickets or a car?

The answers we give to these questions help us understand what the real price of 1 Pi Coin is. Because what we are experiencing now is the development process of the concept of money. There are multiple factors that give value to money.  Pi Network added a new one to these factors and this is a historical event.

Time is one of the key factors that gives value to money.

As people spend Pi Coins, the value of Pi Coins increases and the amount in circulation decreases thanks to people saving. Thanks to Pi Network's mining mechanism, fewer Pi Coins enter circulation every day. The expansion of the usage area of ​​Pi Coins increases the demand for Pi coins. When supply cannot adequately meet demand, that's when money begins to become more valuable. This situation has happened in every period in history. This is extremely normal.  

Don't forget.

Your time is valuable.

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