"Times News for Pi" was established in 2022 and is the leading Web3 news media platform on Pi Network, aiming to analyze and track project progress, build the Pi ecosystem and cultivate the Pi community. We cover a wide range of blockchain news, data statistics, and ecological applications, mainly focusing on the Web3 field of the encryption market. Times News for Pi aims to inform, educate and share information with Pi Crypto users around the world through our website, social media, newsletters, podcasts, research and hosting (AMA) sessions with top industry players. Our content covers over 50 million pioneers active in the Pi Network cryptocurrency space.

"Times News for Pi" is Pi Network's first dedicated media channel. Our team is committed to providing in-depth analysis, comprehensive data analysis, insightful opinions and ongoing coverage of the Pi ecosystem through various media channels.

Our mission is to build relevant and trustworthy media for cryptocurrency around the world. "Times News for Pi" is a platform designed for our participation in decentralized economies and blockchain systems. Our mission is to build a functional Web3 information platform and data social sharing of hot news, guides, reviews, interviews and events for Pi Network.

"Times News for Pi" believes that the Web3 field has just begun to show its advantages. As the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets continue to innovate, we believe that Web3 will be the direction of the global technology elite's efforts. We strive to provide a variety of content streams that provide educational, informational and warning content to our users.

We have a strong team of Pi Network community members who are all committed to the Pi Network ecosystem. Our team spans the world, with core members from the United States, United Kingdom, Vietnam, South Korea and China. The team is expanding rapidly, focusing on Pi Network news and the development of the entire ecosystem.