Pi App Home Screen Update: A Crucial Step Towards Mainnet

Pi App Home Screen Update: A Crucial Step Towards Mainnet

@mstor Jun 16 2023

Pi app home screen update: Pi Network hosted a special event on the last Pi Day, inviting pioneers to share their stories of contributions to Pi Network, with the theme #WhatIDoForPi. Ahead of the upcoming Pi2Day (June 28th), we take a look back at a series of inspiring videos submitted by the Pioneer community for Pi Day. Now, let's "watch" these pioneers' video compilations for Pi Network!

What is the purpose of these activities? Why do these things that many people think are meaningless tasks over and over again? Let's explore that.

First of all, the current Pi network has reached the stage of opening the main network. Before the main network stage, Pi network needs to have enough ecological support. These activities are aimed at empowering pioneers and making them feel their importance and value in Pi Network. By sharing their stories and contributions, Pioneers are able to demonstrate their role and influence in the Pi Network ecosystem. This not only boosts their self-confidence, but also inspires others to actively participate in the ecosystem.

A main network without ecology is a failure, especially for a new type of blockchain such as the Pi network, it is even more important. Many pioneers think the main network is very simple, thinking that they only need to remove the firewall and link with other blockchains. But in fact, once it enters the main network in this way, without the support of the ecological price, it will bring a devastating blow to the Pi network. Just like ordinary token exchanges, the ultimate beneficiary will always be profit-based capital.

Second, these events demonstrate the cohesion and vitality of the Pi Network community. The compilation of stories and videos of pioneers demonstrates to the world a dynamic and creative community, and this spirit of unity and cooperation is the key to the success of Pi Network. This will also help attract more people to join Pi Network, and further strengthen the community, increasing the number of users of Pi Network before the main network.

Plus, these events are a way to celebrate and look back. By holding events on specific dates, such as Pi Day, Pi Network expresses its gratitude to pioneers and looks back at their efforts and achievements. This kind of celebration not only increases the cohesion of the community, but also injects momentum and hope for future development.

Most importantly, these activities are to promote the development of Pi Network and the creation of ecosystem utility. By sharing the stories and contributions of pioneers, Pi Network demonstrates its potential and influence in the digital economy. This will help attract more partners and merchants to join the Pi Network, and promote the actual application and circulation of Pi coins, thereby expanding the influence of the Pi network before the main network.

In short, the purpose and significance of these activities are manifold. Its core purpose is to make a series of preparations for the opening of the Pi network mainnet, and we should support and actively participate in it.

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